Retrospective Dashboard
Interactive whiteboard for retrospective meetings
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"At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behavior accordingly." - Agile Manifesto
Identify, Discuss, Improve.
Below tools are designed for Scrum Masters to facilitate retrospective meetings.


Gather your scrum team into a meeting room, share your screen using the beamer, then start a session (by clicking one of the buttons below). Remote team members can also join the meeting real-time.

No registration required; however, if you are registered, you are allowed to manage scrum teams, and your sessions will be kept under your account.

Glad, Sad, Mad with Giphy

Express thoughts with gifs from Giphy

This board supports voting


Useful for teams in forming stage.

This board supports voting


Feedbacks are plotted into a two dimensional board, similar to putting post-its to a whiteboard.


Helps team members to better understand the team's strengths and weaknesses.
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Spotify's Squad Health Check

Team health is supposed to be measured in every quarter.
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Custom Board

You can define 3 column titles for your board.

4 Ls

Liked - Learned - Lacked - Longed For
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This board supports voting


Plus - Minus - Interesting
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This board supports voting


Helps identifying what goes well, and what makes the team worried.

This board supports voting

Slack Integration

You can initiate retrospective meetings right away from your scrum team's Slack channel. Just type /retro-time into the team's channel, then the Join URL will be shared with the team. The board URL will be visible only to you.

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Retrospective Dashboard project is maintained by me ( as an individual, there is no company behind it. All the development efforts are done in my spare time, I am doing it as one of my pet projects. Feel free to drop me an email in case you want to report an issue, or you have an idea that would make this project better, or anything else.


This is a free product, but the hosting needs to be paid each quarter. If you find Retrospective Dashboard useful, buy me a beer - or donate as much as you want. Thanks!


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